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Our Merchandise

Dr. Cohen's Acuball Mini

A powerful self-healing tool for smaller muscle groups. Smaller, harder nibs penetrate deeply and precisely. Perfect for injury prevention and for treating conditions like plantar faciitis. Use on the hands, feet, arms, upper back, and shoulders.

Price: $23 + HST
Silk Eye Pillow

“The material is silky and luxurious. I use my Halfmoon eye pillows a lot during restorative practice, not just to cover my eyes, but also as mini sandbags over my palms. They are precious little guys!”
— Andrea from Scarborough, ON, Canada
The gentle pressure and relaxing scent of the silk eye pillow will lull you into deep relaxation during Savasana, at bedtime, even while traveling.
Covered in soft, lustrous Dupioni Silk.
Scented with real lavender.

Price: $20 + HST
8' Essential Studio Strap

This yoga strap is designed for quick and easy adjustment, tightening and loosening with a simple slide of the buckle.
The 8-foot version gives you a bit of extra length for bound poses and can make a real difference to your practice.

Price: $14 + HST
4" Foam Yoga Block

Versatile, firm, and lightweight, these blocks offer endless options for use. The 4-inch size offers increased stability and more lift if you need it.
Use a set of two, placing a block on each side to lift, balance, and support your postures.

Price: $17.50+HST
Studio Yoga Mat

The classic sticky yoga mat.
Waffle texture for grip and durability.
Made of latex-free, phthalate-free PVC.
Closed cell surface for easy cleaning.

Price: $32 + HST
Mini Prana Yoga Bolster

The Mini Prana Yoga Bolster promotes a gentle chest opening, subtly elevates your pigeon, and provides just the right boost in “legs up the wall.”
It offers just a little firm support that can make all the difference in your practice.
It’s great for kids’ yoga too!

Price: $54 + HST
Prana Yoga Bolster

The Prana Yoga Bolster was designed to facilitate deeper breathing.
Its 26″ length supports the entire spine, from the low back to the head. And the narrow width and gentle lift allow the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity.
It’s the perfect addition to your pranayama practice, or any pose where you need a little extra height and support.

Price: $63 + HST
Cylindrical Yoga Bolster

At 8” high the Cylindrical Yoga Bolster facilitates a deep chest opening or back bend.
Its contoured shape also fits perfectly under your knees to provide optimal support for your lower back.
It’s the perfect yoga bolster to revitalize your back and advance your practice.

Price: $77 + HST
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