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My work with Lily

Hi my name is Karen Steele. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and I help people to relax, rebuild and renew. I offer both Swedish and Deep Feet massage therapies, plus Yoga Therapy for holistic well-being.

Two years ago a woman I will call Lily came to see me. She was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.
My task was to bring Lily into a more peaceful relationship with her body.

I did 3 things:
First, I discussed with her how to maximize the use of her health benefit plan in order to receive the most from massage therapy.
Second, I took extra time at the beginning of each session to remind her that she was in charge of what happened. I asked how she was feeling both physically and emotionally since the last massage.
Third, I checked in with her at the end of each session to make sure she left the office feeling at peace in her body.

The result was that in 3 months, her anxiety symptoms had left her. She was working full-time again. She said, “Karen, you are so gifted and I am so thankful.”

Who do you know who wants to feel better in their body? Who wants the ability to focus and make better decisions? Who has a benefit plan, and who is open to committing to a course of massage therapy treatments? Have them contact me, Karen Steele. Registered Massage Therapist. Helping people to relax, rebuild and renew.

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