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Good morning. My name is Karen Steele and I help people to relax, rebuild and renew.

Please close your eyes.

What is that one small change you are willing to make NOW in your thinking and in your behavior? Something that you would be willing to commit to working with for the year. It could be as simple as washing your face at night before you go to bed in order to take care of your skin, or swishing coconut oil in your mouth in the morning to strengthen your gums. Whatever it is, see if you can start to get a FELT sense of it. What would it feel like to add this HEALTHY thought process and behavior into your life?

Let that feeling expand through your entire body like a wave.

Then repeat to yourself 3 times mentally… I am committed to FILL IN YOUR RESOLVE…. And let it settle into every cell in your body.

Then one day at a time, as you put into practice your thinking and behavioral change…notice if anything other shifts start to happen. For example, does something that you have tried to stop doing start to naturally fall away? Do notice that you are including more small changes into your daily life that improve your sense of well-being, and your relationships. Just notice and observe over the year what starts to happen as a result of committing to this one small change.

Karen Steele. Helping people to relax, rebuild and renew.

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